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      Jick Nonas.

      • sigh

        joe posted that picture with the “jick nonas” caption in 2010.I miss the good ol drama-free days when joe would post about nick without being called thirsty or riding nick’s coat tail

        • cam

          What you miss is your ignorance on their lives. You were fed a lot of bs & we all believed it. The truth always comes out. In the first few years they were kids with their father using them like his puppets to make him wealthy. But as young men they are finally living their lives.

    • JoeJonasTroops

      is that even real or is it photoshopped? because it was actually joe that posted it at first a few years back i think

    • Nick Jonas

      OMJ so cute <3

  • JC

    i hope is album does well he deserves everything… damn he’s so talented.

    • Nick Jonas

      I hope so too

  • JoeJonasTroops

    remember when jonas interviews were so fun to watch? back when they’ll either be funny or not boring…now all they do is talk about the same shiz
    “yeah, I’ve been working on music, it means a lot to me, my brothers are supportive, it’s gonna take a while because i didn’t wanna ruin it, stevie wonder inspires me, i’m happy to be on my own now, i’ve been working out a lot, i can’t wait for people to hear this new sound BLAH BLAH BLAH” for fucks sake we get it already please talk about something different or don’t make an interview at all and expect me to waste 1 minute of my life talking about the same things!
    joe plays games in interviews and tells a lot of jokes, he tells stories of what he experiences in the past week or so and actually makes a boring story humorous…um nick? your gonna suck ass if you stay like this…no charisma…nothing special…nothing different..
    B O A R I N G

    • cam


    • cam

      Have you ever noticed that Nick has a hard time giving respect to the person interviewing him?? His head /body are constantly twisting/turning like to see if he is missing something better. That’s probably why his interviews suck. He is boring!!

      • JoeJonasTroops

        does he ALWAYS have a hard time paying respect to ANY interviewer? he’s always distracted and acts as if he was forced to be where he is! go home for god’s sake if you can’t even at least smile *yawn*

      • Bette

        I think Nick is basically shy and more reserved than his brothers. He’s always
        touching his face or his hair or scratching his nose. I do that, too, so I recognize the
        pattern. It’s what the twisting is all about.
        I wish his PR person – or whatever – would
        help him with this. Those interviews must
        have been easier when there were three
        of them talking.

  • ♥ Manisha Arora ♥

    great waiting for it !!

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  • nj

    Nicks music will do much better if he doesn’t let Olivia sing with him

  • Lexi Love’s ghost

    I hate everyone on here

    • Nick Jonas

      Why hate? Why not love? like your name being Lexi (Love).

  • Nick Jonas

    Hi guys, its Nick Jonas I mean that’s the name I use on here lol. After Lexi Love deleted her account I did the same thing because some how she linked our accounts up so soon I will rejoin Oceanup, she even linked my Facebook with her Oceanup account. That girl is crazy.

  • Nick Jonas

    Nick baby please don’t look so bored, you are as cute as ever when you smile

  • Nick Jonas

    Hi guys, wanted to name myself after my most favorite thing in the whole wide world…Nick’s beautiful music

  • milk and cookies

    Nick your a famous RnB star with millions of fans and you can’t even seem like you care enough to smile when your getting ask about your music, that is sad

  • BrokenArrow18

    He was so irrelevatnat the awards it made me sad