Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Take Private Plane To Toronto Canada Today, Will They Hopefully Stay There?

jelena-canadajeleaJelena arrive in Toronto. Will they hopefully move and stay here?

+ new closeup picture of Selena’s weave!

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  • Renee

    Dom Dom Dom. Oh no what’s gonna happen next

  • Stephanie

    Hope everytime selena goes back to this manwhore that she gets tested for STDS

  • guest

    Hollywood life posted something about this awhile ago, “a source” told them and i quote: “They ( Justin and Selena) are planning a low profile trip to his hometown in Canada, they want to chill and focus on each other, Selena really wanted this, she misses his brother and sister” wow, i guess Hl was right ( for the first time though) and it seems like they are really trying to work things out.

    • javi g

      i think hl uses a coin to decide this things.

      • guest

        I don’t read Hl, it was honestly the first time i actually red their post, and i lefta comment on this specific post saying rubbish and more lies!! I just though that it was kind of simillar.

        • javi g

          don’t that website is mostly bull*** they were obsess at one point with those kids from twilight and now is jelena every post is a fake story about them. but the canada thing is real they are there together on what i call a long vacation for him and her.

  • anon

    Lol at them trying to butter Justin up by saying they love Selena when they obviously don’t

    • Rafaela

      In think they noticed Selena was there after a while, not because they wanted Justin’s attention

  • Cali
  • anon

    I still don’t get why he deletes the pictures of her off instagram & keeps the ones of other girls up when she’s supposedly the love of his life. I’m very confused with this whole relationship & side hoes & just everything

    • lol

      A game probably

      • anon

        A game with who? Selena? His fans? Side hoes? Media? It must be with someone he has personal contact with because I don’t see how the public would understands these games. & he just makes his fans hate Selena more because now they’re starting to think she’s hacks him and posts these pictures, then he eventually sees them and deletes them. It’s crazy

    • javi g

      i think he delete’s it because of his crazy fans. some of them get hysterical every time he post something with her. its like they never going to mature. no offense to the nice beliebers out there. i got nothing but love for you guys.

    • Cali

      Maybe cause he sees her as one of his side hoes lol. At this point she cant be a main girl to him. He sure as heck aint treating her like one. I wouldnt let a guy drag me along so long with so many other girls in the mix.

      • boo

        Well she has been the only girl he takes home to meet/spend time with his family, so I guess that would still put her in the position of main girl

        • Cali

          I dont care who he’s taken her to see.

          If a guy is not gonna cut the other females out of his life for you then he doesnt respect you at all enough for you to be his girl. He’s dragging them all along

          And we dont really know if he didn’t take any of the other ones either

        • Mariah

          Naah she ain’t a man girl dog but nice try

  • Cici

    Surprised Justin didn’t order their phones be confiscated & the girls get a nice slap in the face. I worry about Selena’s health after getting back with Justin. She seriously gave up her career for him? Girl is fucked.

  • honesty
  • hudgens.

    how annoying

    • Angie.

      They’re so fake and annoying this is turning them both into flop jokes it won’t help her flop movies neither his albums they’re both a joke now fuck them we should stop giving them attention and they’ll hopefully disappear

  • Mariah

    Worst couple of all time

  • Is Jelena faking the reunion?

    I’m not very much into conspiracy theories, but:

    1st)This girl looks NOTHING like Selena:

    2nd) In this pics it looks like she can’t stand him:

    3rd) X17 Online has posted about Selena leaving Justin’s place but they’re unable to get a pic and when asked they say she gets on her car too fast. But isn’t X17 one of biggest gossip paparazzi based sites? with the better technologies cameras? And why don’t they take a pic of her car? Idk, but I don’t buy this.

    4th) David and Busters’s date:

    5th) Canada: According to the insider, it seems like the pair were trying to keep things as secretive as possible. “Justin and Selena did not speak to each other and I think they a were in separate vehicles.”

    But why would they be forced to do that?

    • hudgens.

      it is her…

      • Delaney

        There are pics of her wearing the same outfit with her face clearly shown. That is her 100%

        • hudgens.

          That’s what I said.

  • Anna

    She has got to be the world’s biggest idiot.

  • Me.

    oh my god their relationship is seriously the Taylor swift song from hell

    • hudgens.

      LMAO nice way to put it!

  • claudface_delrey

    God no, I don’t want them in my hood. Can we send them to an island in the middle of the ocean instead?

    • anna

      torontos a pretty big place. its unlikely theyre around your “hood”.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I don’t see Selena as the love of his life no matter what either one says. She’s just one of the many girls in his life now. When he’s not with Selena he’s with one of the other ones.

    • hudgens.

      a side hoe

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        That’s more accurate.

  • BrokenArrow18

    lol they’re so annoying

  • Kylie

    People are going to hate on me for this, BUT…I think they are cute. Think about it, they are young, rich, and having things all over the place thrown at them. Justin is allowed to have female friends and Selena can have male ones, it doesn’t always mean he’s doing anything with them. I don’t follow the relationship between these 2 that much, but it seems they are just trying to figure it out. People should stop complaining and just ignore it. They have the right to do whatever they please, just like you do.

    • Guest

      I agree w/u srsly. They are young and that’s just how it is sometimes. If they keep coming back to each other, there’s gotta b a reason.