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Zayn Malik & Louis Tomlinson Get New Tattoos + Harry Styles Takes Two Girls Home From An LA Nightclub + Fifth Harmony Loves 1D

zayn-louis-tattoos (6)zayn-louis-tattoos (5)Zayn & Louis got new tattoos + Harry left and LA club with two female companions. Insider: ‘Zayn’s exhausted and sick of fame. And awful situations like this one, when he’s accused of being a drug addict, are exactly why he’s had enough.

Zayn gets overwhelmed and has always found fame really hard to deal with. It hits him more at certain times than others and it’s bad right now. He gets so homesick. His family are so close and he hates that he never gets to see them.

Zayn feels like he’s given so much of his life to the band and is cut off from everything. I think he thought proposing to Perrie would mean an escape – that they could move to the country and have pets and be normal. But things haven’t panned out like that yet.

Zayn’s sister Doniya Malik said on Twitter about 1D fans: ‘Yes, sometimes you are very sweet. Then sometimes you can get the psychotic ones and I don’t like that.’ She also claimed that she has not listened to any of the songs on One Direction’s latest album.

Lauren from Fifth Harmony on 1D: ‘I saw the season [of ‘X Factor UK’] with One Direction, because I was obsessed with them! And I remember watching Cher Lloyd on it, as well.’ Camila: ‘I’m excited to go to Nando’s, [because] I’ve heard so much about it from One Direction, not in person, but from the Internet when I used to watch their interviews all the time!’

UK and Ireland On The Road Again tour dates under!

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Selena Gomez Goes To Hillsong Church, Likes Calum Hood & Britney Spears Comparisons + Doesn’t Hate Fan Orgasmic Gomez

selena-orgasmic (6)selena-orgasmic (3)selena-orgasmic (2)SelenaCarolselena-orgasmic (1)selena-orgasmic (3)Selena Gomez went to Hillsong church today. She liked when fans compared her performance about Justin Bieber to Britney Spears singing ‘Everytime’ about Justin Timberlake 10 years ago. She also doesn’t hate her fan ‘Orgasmic Gomez’ and a fan overtagged a cute photo of her with Gracie Teefey.

UPDATE: Bitty Bieber was at church too. Saint Selena works miracles!

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Demetria Lovato Dominates London O2

Ddemi-fansss (4)DDemetria supports Enrique Iglesias on his Love & Sex tour in London.

UPDATED with Demi just arriving at LAX with a gold watch! WENN.


Justin Bieber Abandoned Puppy ‘Karma’ Back In February, Did He Do The Same To Poor Selena Gomez?

bieber-karmaSelena Gomez’s on and off again boyfriend and deep love Justin Bieber abandoned his American bulldog pupyp ‘Karma’ with a dog trainer back in February and hasn’t returned for her. Trainer Trevor Dvernichuk told The Sun: ‘This is like taking your kid to school and not picking it back up.

Trevor was originally asked to take care of the pup for a few weeks, so he could train her before Justin, 20, assumed responsibility for her once more. Not only has Selena’s love failed pick up Karma, he hasn’t even responded to calls from Trevor. Justin bought Karma around Christmas 2013.

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Arisce Wanzer Slams Kendall Jenner

aricekendall-loveModel Arisce Wanzer wrote an open letter saying that people like Kendall Jenner becoming famous ‘cheapens [the] entire experience’ for other models. Take a moment and remove yourself from your current situation, if you can, to a life that isn’t riddled with excess and only hearing the word ‘yes’ to your wants and requests.

Now, imagine you’re from a small town and/or Third-World country where your only way to get out of your current social class, achieve your dreams, get a green card or just gain better work conditions is to become a high-fashion model.

You have to leave for six months to a year sometimes, signing contracts you can barely understand, let alone oblige to, almost without choice. You’re away from your family, your friends and everything you know. You live in a one-bedroom apartment with six other girls in the same situation in this Big Apple, New York City.

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