Taylor Swift Lesbian Or Bisexual, Caught Kissing Her Girlfriend Karlie Kloss In New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen?!

taylor-karlie-lesbians (4)taylor-karlie-lesbians (2)Taylor Swift kissing Karlie Kloss in New York?
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  • boystan


  • boystan


  • Guest1

    She’s having a good time. The press is gonna have a good time with this.

  • Sandy McFarlane

    omg yasss

  • JC

    wait what? omg yes! please! no more drama

  • honesty

    Update: Taylor’s rep just denied this and called the rumor “hilarious”.

    • Jim Kennedy Summers

      And denying rumors means they aren’t true? It is called public relations and protecting her image, get a clue.

  • Lily

    You can’t see anything from that blurred photo. That being said, I think they seem really sweet together, and I kind of ship it.

  • anon

    If you’re a model and you hangout with really beautiful women all day you’re bound to turn gay. Same goes the men!

    • Maggie

      Wow you don’t understand how “gay” works. You don’t TURN gay.

      • jenna

        You’re obviously way too sensitive.. pretty sure they were joking.

  • Ayy

    Kaylor the new larry.

  • javi g

    thats hot. so now i know why she wants selena to move with her to ny.anyway that would be hot. to hot women in a hot tub. and then a threesome with selena. thats my fan fix right there. i would call it hot angels.

  • fdbgdf

    a lot beautiful Woman are lesbian

    • ..

      but taylor is not beautiful

  • Angel

    Interesting. Yeah you really can’t see anything from that picture. Taylor says it was fake though so I guess I’ll believe her. Besides I think she’s too boy crazy to be a lesbian. Lol, unless that’s why she’s not looking for a guy.

  • ….

    In the actual video it looks like she’s just whispering something into her ear, but whatever let people believe what they want to!!

    • ,

      Yeah she is saying I love you I want have sex with you l want to lik your pussy and yada yada yada

    • Jim Kennedy Summers

      With her hand on the other side of her face? Not likely.

  • Maggie

    Oh please, that’s not her. That’s a shitty pic of 2 blondes kissing. NOT TAYLOR

  • Cali

    If it’s true the media will have a field day with this

  • laura

    Ugh in the video it’s clear they weren’t kissing. Also, Karlie has had a boyfriend for quite a few years now.

    • Jim Kennedy Summers

      Yeah sure, like no girl with a boyfriend has ever also been messing around with women. How old are you?

  • Anna-Bell Corvick

    I’m pretty sure being at a concert you cannot hear anything, probably just talking in each others ears.

    • Jim Kennedy Summers

      With Karlie’s hand on the side of Taylor’s face? Not likely. They are both Bisexual, get over it.

  • dajoripe

    I just love whenever these news come out because the pictures always look like if they were taken with a rock. They add no credibility whatsoever to the story lol.

  • kjl

    It was obvious from the begging that karlie was the top and taylor was the bottom in the relationship.Remember when they asked lorde if she was dating taylor and she didn’t deny nor confirm it ? taylor dated all these guys to hide her real sexuality.Her fans need to open their eyes.Taylor targets young girls with the whole good girl image to sell albums.Looking up to a lesbian role model is still not well accepted by most parents.

    the fact that her rep felt the need to immediately respond is s suspicious.

    • dgr

      Good Girl image? thats not making sence

  • Kaylor’s song

    Baby, I know places we won’t be found
    And they’ll be chasing their tails tryin’ to track us down
    Cause I, I know places we can hide
    I know places
    They take their shots, but we’re bulletproof
    I know places
    And you know for me, it’s always you
    I know places
    In the dead of night, your eyes so green
    I know places
    And I know for you, it’s always me
    I know places

    • dee

      i immediately thought of this.

    • d

      well obviously she doesn’t know places where they won’t be found

      • dee


  • Blue

    It really doesn’t matter to me what her sexuality is. Taylor will always be queen.

  • http://instagram.com/_rlg Renee

    Looks like a passionate kiss so I guess she’s bi

  • http://instagram.com/_rlg Renee

    Larry needs to come out now!!!

  • http://h4wk-girl.tumblr.com/ hawkgirl

    I’m glad if this story turns out to be true, she always glows every time she’s around Karlie.

  • Juli

    LMAO this is too funny