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    Star is right a lot, just you wait until Bruce announces he’s trans

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    @freefallingxo:disqus nessa look so cute in your new avi :D

  • guest

    Life and Style said Miley was pregnant last April. That was not true and I bet this one is not either.

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    maybe it’s nick’s baby since he’s been having so much sexxx

  • sdfsdfdfdfss

    Paris Hilton will be the father.

  • guest

    There are photos on other web sites showing her at Urban Outfitters on Dec 09. Now was this before or after she was sent to rehab to dry out and have a baby? Life and Style reported her pregnant several months ago, so I am confused.

    • thecat61

      I so hope you’re being sarcastic? Lol

  • Mirela

    If it gets her to stop her antics, I wish.

  • yeah

    Abort that shit!

  • Roy

    lol… But seriously speaking, is she happy though? The people she hangs out with… smh


  • Pamela Lansbury

    I want to move to USA just to buy these magazines ahah

    • thecat61

      Lmao. She’s been preggers since 15 and she’s been going to rehab for the last 4yrs.

      You know what the funny thing is, people will believe this shit.

      • threelittlebirds

        it’s just like how jenifer aniston has been pregnant for like 10 years now. magazines have no new stories so they just recycle the same ones over and over..

        • thecat61

          EXACTLY! Wonder how much these douchebag’s get paid to publish this shit?