Justin Bieber Straddles Topless Blonde Model After Photoshopped Calvin Klein Underwear Campaign Is Released

tumblr_nhtm8wrJzY1tok6cbo1_500bieber-calvin-photoshopped (1)bieber-calvin-photoshopped (3)Justin Bieber straddles topless for model for photoshopped Calvin Klein campaign.

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  • Lol

    I bet he’s regretting that selena tattoo, it’s like in every picture

    • Guest1

      Probably not. According to Angela (exposingsmg), we will be seeing a Jelena meetup sometime soon.

      I hope not.

      • Kira

        Lol star magazine is more reliable than them. But I also hope they are done for good

        • Guest1

          See I don’t really believe anything they post but some of it seems legit. I dunno. What do you think?

          • Kira

            I think what they do is that they gather information from blind gossip items and other gossip websites and then they use that information to make up their own biased stories with “inside sources” and presents that as facts so it seems legit. I don’t read most of their stuff, but I’ve seen them lie many times or been proven false and they use edited photos or photos taken out of context to make Selena look bad. Selena’s not an angel but she’s not this evil person exposingsmg makes her out to be

          • Guest1

            Exactly! They make her out to be satan. They make her seem like quite a druggy and stuff. They apparently have this voicemail of selena telling someone to die or something and yet they won’t release it.

    • ammy

      and he got it after the breakup lol. But he has tried erase her face of it, now it is more like a man in drag

      • Kira

        Lol maybe he got it to show how much he wanted her and to prove he was committed to her at the time. Teenagers do impulsive things and it does like a demon/angel hybrid now. But all of his tattoos are awful tbh, you’d think with all his money he’d be able to afford a better artist

  • Kira

    I wonder if this campaign will improve his public image and help his music career (when he releases) like it did for Nick

    • ammy

      No. But it is a step of a gradual process. He has to keep himself of getting in trouble for at least a year. It looks like he is trying

  • Cali

    this just looks awk
    better w/o the girl

  • Stasha

    I’m sorry but he has to realize that his “I’m trying so hard to look sexy right now” face makes him look constipated. He’ll never be attractive to grown women.

    • Barbz21

      Don’t talk in the name of other women because YOU don’t like him. Tired of you assholes.

  • casey

    his body looks good already, they didnt need to photoshop it lol. The photoshopped one just looks more rugged/manly while the original one is less so. justin seems like a dbag but his body is nice, cant even hate on that lol