Justin Bieber’s Personal Trainer On His Penis Size ‘He’s Well Endowed’, The Real Reason Selena Stayed With Him Finally Revealed!

tumblr_nhvsqgY7fo1qjrvino1_400justin-bieber-unretouched-exclusivejustinbieber-calvinkleinFans FINALLY know the truth as to why Selena Gomez stayed with Justin Bieber after he reportedly cheated on her multiple times. Bieber has a big penis and his trainer Patrick Nilsson has seen it and can confirm!

Patrick told Access Hollywood: ‘I can definitely confirm that he is a well-endowed guy. I sound weird saying that, but yes.’ Justin Bieber threatened to sue BreatheHeavy.com (Didn’t that used to be a Britney Spears fansite?!) for releasing the untouched image of his Calvin Klein photo shoot.

They claim the photo isn’t real.



  • Blair Waldorf


  • k

    Small Penis Syndrome

    • Godney


  • Guest

    No woman in her right mind thinks that pic is real.
    The ones that are actually buying CK’s bs are his 13 yr old fans who have never seen a dick real life.

    Reality check: the only thing that’s smaller than his d is his brain

    • Smh

      That’s because they stuffed him like all other models you moron.
      The pictures aren’t photoshopped, apart from air brush which they use on all of their pictures it is legit. He looks the same in the video and everywhere else, the site that posted it shrunk him down only YOU morons believe that’s the real one he hasn’t been that skinny since 2012. Fall back.

  • oh

    his trainer? lol

  • threelittlebirds

    and his trainer knows this how…???

    • because

      his trainer prob has seen him naked in the gym locker room at some point. its really not that weird.

    • anon

      bc the trainer’s name is Lil Za

    • Godney

      yea… its pretty weird he knows…

  • new girl
  • Truth

    He had a rehearsal video YEARS ago and his junk was BIG. People..jealous looks bad on you.

    • HA
      • LOL

        I’m sorry but there’s nothing there. You clearly have never seen a penis before. That’s just a very average semi boner (probably from touching himself too much in the video like wtf) made more noticeable by wearing baggy thin sweatpants.

    • Barbz21

      They will rather believe an irrelevant site who got it out of nowhere ( edited it themselves ) other than a legit video.

  • Ew

    I just.. I don’t… I can’t find him attractive

    • yum

      ok but there are people that do find him attractive.

      • http://instagram.com/foreverjordan thesestrangelittlethings

        Yet they’re talking about themselves, not those other people.

  • honestly..who cares?

    i think he looks good in the ad. i think he looks good in other pics, too. and some people may not find him attractive. but do people really care that much if its photoshopped or not? i see a correlation with the more someone dislikes him the more they care about these pictures being photoshopped. well…all magazine pictures are photoshopped. every. single. one of them.

  • Faith

    Why does it matter? Honestly unless I’m watching Labyrinth you can keep your bulge to yourself. I’m happy not knowing. It’s just awkward to talk about his dick. Besides do we really need to inflate his ego anymore, so to speak?

  • Guest1

    I do not believe this guy. He’s small. Just look at other pics of him in briefs.

  • Smh

    You fucking morons STILL believe that site? Are you that naive or just blind from your hate? It’s fake.
    Deal with it. he looks the same in videos ans videos from hus tour taken from audience. Grow up.

    • Jeez

      Calm down. Its not that big of a deal.

      • RiriNAVY

        No? If they did this to anyone else everyone would make it a big deal lol but because it’s him they all believe it!
        It’s so obvious they made him look bad I don’t know how people bought this, they did the same with Blue Ivy

        • Godney

          they said it was sent to them?… they never said it is real …

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    His trainer did not help in putting the gay rumors to rest, this actually stirred them even more. Either way no one should care about his penis this much.

    • Smh

      Well only his typical haters who are brain dead will think of this the wrong way.
      They will always care even about Hus eyelashes, that’s how far the Bieber hate wagon goes. He can’t and never will be living and be successful without them tearing him down in every way possible.

      • Godney

        just like every other pop star in the spotlight… get over it

  • Godney

    LMAO at the Britney reference… but yes, BreatheHeavy was a britney only fansite but then jordan decided to make it an all celeb site (and since has had alot of britney fans move to other sites)
    Also the site said the picture was sent to them from someone who was at the shoot… but never said the picture was real.

  • http://avanadian.tumblr.com/ Whitney Banks

    A “5” inch penis is what a white guy thinks “well endowed” is