Justin Bieber As A Woman Has Calvin Klein Underwear Advertisement Mocked On SNL

Justin Bieber (Kate McKinnon) strips down for a new set of Calvin Klein underwear ads.


  • lol

    This is why he keeps on posting shirtless pictures.This is by far the most mocked CK Ad ever.

    • https://instagram.com/nicolesashacarey/ Carol Danvers

      Because it is HIM doing it they will all jump on the wagon and diss him. He will never get a chance EVER mark my words no matter how much he changes his behavior and his self they will always make fun of him.

      • God

        My Child, all young male stars get this kind of treatment.

        Justin Timberlake was HATED by the world.
        Jared Leto to this day is still mocked.

        Ashton Kutcher can never get a break no matter what he does.

        Michael Jackson, need I say more?

        This is not Justin specific or new to this generation, it has been happening for decades so don’t get offended on his behalf.

        When Justin grows up another will take his place.

        People make fun of celebrities ALL the time, its an American past time and quite frankly not a big issue.

        Baga is in crisis go be outraged about that.

        • https://instagram.com/nicolesashacarey/ Carol Danvers

          None of those listed are as hated as he is.

          • come on.

            MJ was not hated? He was even framed for molesting kids!! WTF??!!
            They were hated! You are probably too young to remember! The only difference is that these guys didn’t get arrested for petty stuff and social media wasn’t quite what it is today. believe me justin is nothing special this happens all the time.

          • come on.

            none of those got arrested for misdemeanors either. justin adds fuel to the fire. he just needs to live his life, work and ignore the hate.

  • Cali

    legendary lol better than the original