Louis Tomlinson Kissing Tall Mystery Girl After Announcing Eleanor Calder Breakup, Released To Deflect Attention From Zayn Malik Quitting 1D Tour?


Louis Tomlinson pictured kissing a tall mystery girl after releasing the information that he has broken up with Eleanor Calder. Larry Stylinson fans immediately thought that Louis broke up with her to with Harry Styles, but if you look more closely at the situation is appears the Louis breakup/ hookup was released to deflect attention from Zayn quitting the 1D tour leaving thousands of fans in pain.

UPDATE: The girl was in the ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ music video!

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  • ikeepempressedt

    what a week……

  • JC

    is everybody cheating/breaking up these days?

  • guest

    lmao he downgraded

  • BrokenArrow18

    at least get a prettier girl :/

    is it really the girl from the wmyb music video?

  • Anon

    Both girls are way too pretty for him.

  • Electra heart

    Gross..a Louis article.

  • anon

    Lmao so their management team just had to pick up the phone to contact some girl they’d already worked with to make a fuss.

  • 123

    Louis and Eleanor had been broken up for a while according to his manager but were keeping it quiet.

  • Jes

    but why does the kissing photo look so weird

  • BangBang

    What the…?!? What’s going on!

  • laura

    He looks like a wrinkly old man in that picture..
    Let’s hope those larry shippers shut their mouth now.