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Olivia Holt ‘Hot Pursuit’ Premiere

FOlivia Holt attended the Los Angeles premiere of ‘Hot Pursuit’ at the TLC Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California on April 30, 2015. Photos: FameFlynet.


Demi Lovato ‘I Don’t Blame Celebrities For Getting Plastic Surgery If They Are In The Public Eye’

Demi Lovato told ‘Aquino & Abunda Tonight’ about Bruce Jenner: ‘This former man.. he wants to be called a woman.’ On photoshopping: ‘It’s not something I wish people would do, but for the celebrities that do it, I don’t blame them. And I don’t blame people for getting plastic surgery either if they are in the public eye.

It’s difficult to be a celebrity and to have that many more people hating on your pictures ..I would like to see a future where people are able to accept themselves for who they are and what they have. But listen, I do photo shoots and they get Photoshopped, so I can’t hate on it.’

She told THe Kit: ‘Instagram has a way of making people’s lives feel super glamorous. But it gets to a point where all you’re seeing is posts that have so much makeup. I wanted to put it back out there that you don’t have to put on all that makeup to be beautiful.’


Miley Bikini Top & Boardshorts Hot

Semi-Exclusive... Miley Cyrus Flaunts Her Unique Summer StylePop star Miley Cyrus rocks a black bikini top and Brian Lichtenberg-brand graffiti sweatshorts while out in Los Angeles, California on April 30, 2015. Miley is rumored to be in touch with ex Liam Hemsworth after calling it quits with Patrick Schwarzenegger. Photos: FameFlynet.


Austin Mahone ‘My Relationship With Camila Cabello Wasn’t Real.. It’s Great Being With Becky G, We Understand Each Other’

becky-gAustin Mahone told MTV abouthis love for Becky G and claims relationship with Camila Cabello wasn’t real: ‘It’s crazy, I never had, like, a real relationship before, so it’s pretty crazy. It’s great being in a relationship with someone who does the same thing you do. We understand each other, we understand what we do.’ At least Camila has Taylor Swift!
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Nick Jonas Poses With Olivia Culpo Lookalike, Smokes & Drinks With Joe And Vegas + Covers FLAUNT

nick-vegas (6)nick-vegas (314)nick-vegas (16)Nick Jonas smoking and drinking in Vegas + FAULT interview: ‘I felt like I was able to have total control over the music, and able to really open myself up creatively, ‘Jealous’ was actually the first song I wrote.

I think there are definitely topics that I’m more comfortable to speak about at this point in my life than I was a couple of years ago, and naturally there are darker tones to the music. It’s very different. The biggest thing is in the promotion of it all; before, I had my two best friends with me all the time, but now it’s just me.

I’m thrilled to see the reaction to the music, but that’s the one thing I miss. I definitely felt the need to approach this process on my own. It was important for me to start working on this record by myself.’

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