kylie-butt-implants (1)kylie-butt-implants (2)Did Kylie Jenner get butt implants just like her sister Kim?!

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  • Cici

    If it wasnt for all of her sisters being built the same exact way as her I would think so.. but even like their mom, they are all shaped the same (aside from Kendall)

    • Godney

      but they are all results from plastic surgery? kim, khloe and kris…

      • omg


    • Guess23

      You’re a gullible moron. LOL. Kourtney is the most natural of all of them. The rest are faker than a $3 bill. LOL @ squats. Wake up people.

      • Cici

        They are all built the same tho…. LMAO

  • stolenbeat

    how old is she again? 17? ok

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I haven’t stared at her 17 year old ass long enough to determine whether she has or hasn’t.

  • could be squats
  • could be squats
    • Godney

      squats are good… but they dont do miracles tbh

    • guest

      More likely to be a photoshop team then squats. Squats can’t triple the size of your ass, especially not without any other part of her body getting way muscular too.

  • Faith

    All of her looks fake. Who could even tell. I’ll give her credit she’s really good at manipulating her body. I can’t imagine spending this much time on your looks at 17 to be a good thing though.

    • safj

      I know right? I didn’t start putting much thought or effort into my looks until I was like 22 lol. I know every person is different,but it’s a bit concerning that she’s 17 and this self obsessed/insecure enough to do all of this stuff.

    • Godney

      she knows ALL the poses ! its crazy

  • laura

    In some pictures of hers it looks like she’s wearing ‘butt panties’ or whatever it’s called.. In others it looks like she photoshopped it.
    Might as well be squats and weight gain.
    Who even cares anymore? Like we’re ever going to know what’s fake and what’s real about the Kardashians.

    • Godney

      nah i think is buttshots or whatever the name is. Kim has them, khloe has them… why wouldnt kylie?
      She obv works out too or she wouldnt have that body.
      But her booty got big over night.

      • laura

        I don’t know.. Her butt looks different in every picture she takes like she’s trying out different things every single time.
        Whatever is the case, her butt looks great.

        • Godney

          yea in her instagram it looks always different because basically she works every angle she can, she knows how to do that!. but if you get bored and check her paps photos it shows.
          Oh yeah! her body is amazing!