Nathan Kress London Moore Engaged

kressiCarly actor Nathan Kress, 22, is engaged to stunt performer London Elise Moore. He proposed at sunset overlooking the hills of the Angeles National Forest. They have dating for four months.


  • barbiescunt

    She looks likes she in her mid 30s… o.O But anyway, I don’t see how people get engaged after being together for short periods of time. Oh well. Best of luck.

  • Hollyhysteria

    wtf 4 months

  • laura

    Well that’s fast. Did he knock her up or something?

  • Trouble2.0

    4 months.. Yeah good luck with that, they probably barely know each other.

  • dsdfsdf

    Anything is a step up over that twat he was dating during iCarly.

    • Hollyhysteria

      Who was that?

  • Amy

    They’ve only been together 4 month, but they picked out the ring together before hand? And they are talking about it so much on social media that it’s frankly, a little weird. It definitely won’t last. Appears that the girl especially loves the idea of being engaged and getting married more than she loves him. But that’s just what you can gather from what they put out there to the world. They might be the perfect couple and stay together forever. I bet they don’t though. Ahh well, good luck.

  • Rah

    That’s really dumb. Why get married young? Especially when you’ve dated for 1/3 of a year.

    • Hollyhysteria

      right? it’s like whats the rush

  • BangBang

    That’s fast.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Congrats, I think, but she looks awfully older than him. 4 months of dating isn’t much to write home about let alone get married for.

  • moonlight

    she looks so older >< maybe thats why he has that beard. anyways, if they are happy, there is no age to love