• H

    She’s about to break that back !!!

  • laura

    Damn, those are some ugly undies.

  • damn

    her boobs look huge.

  • guest

    Underwear looks horrible,boobs look great

  • Godney

    I need that push up bra tbh

  • millerz

    not to mention she’s wearing those booty lifting shorts kim & khloe wear. From the same place they get their waist trainers from. http://www.whatsawaist.com/collections/all Nothing I love more than coming home and taking off my bra lol I don’t know how these people wear this shit!!

  • Nadine

    Her body is amazing

  • x120

    at least her lips are slowly deflating you can see them getting smaller everyday in her snap stories. But as they deflate her ass gets bigger everyday. Poor Kylie she’ll never be a model like Kendall with all that plastic