5 Things We Learned from Martha Stewart’s Interview of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber InterviewJustin Bieber was interviewed by lifestyle and cooking mogul Martha Steward for the August cover of Interview Magazine. Here are five Bieber facts that we learned from (or that were confirmed in) the digital version of the piece that hit the Interview website today.

  • Justin graduated from high school with a 4.0 GPA
  • Martha at one point remarks that Justin is a “Tequila boy,”and he says his favorite drink is [Don Julio] 1942 Tequila
  • Justin has become a tech investor in his spare time
  • Scooter Braun initially “stalked” Justin as a pre-teen in order to become his manager
  • Justin describes himself as “addicted” to Snapchat

Interesting tidbits, but not nearly as controversial or earthshaking as we would have hoped. Martha clearly went easy on Justin, but the piece is at least interesting to see the Bieb given the “edgy” Interview Magazine modeling treatment in the article’s photo gallery.

What did you think of Justin’s darker and edgier look? Convincing, or trying too hard?


  • Izzy

    “Justin graduated from high school with a 4.0 GPA”

    I wanna see a report card, diploma, and transcript. I’m gullible but not even I believe that. Either he lied or his teachers were paid a lot of money.

    • Cali


    • Godney

      i’m not from the US…. what does a 4.0 GPA means? is 4.0 the highest?

      • Trouble2.0

        4.0 isn’t the highest but it is high. Valedictorian at my old high school was a 4.2 I think.

    • lol

      He was home schooled. His grammar is real bad. He doesn’t know what’s Sistine Chapel, nor what german means

    • Anna

      Coming from a JB fan, I’m sure he did get a 4.0 with his homeschooling. But….. if he went to a public or private high school, theres no way he would have gotten 4.0, even above a 3.5. He still doesnt get “you’re” and “your” right.

  • laura

    He was homeschooled.. Can’t be that hard to get a 4.0 that way..

  • Hollyhysteria

    Easy to have a 4.0 when you have a personal tutor that probably takes your tests for you and then just marks off that he took them.

  • boystan

    raw me