Ariana Grande Shows off Her Buns in Japan

Cara Birthday 1Ariana Grande posted a photo to Instagram during her Japanese travels, “にほんが まちきれない!see you soon babies”.

In the photo, you can see Ariana’s new hairstyle, along with the caption “space-buns.” The messy buns sort of resemble cat ears, one of the 22-year-old’s signature looks, a little more than they look like the type of “space buns” popularized by Miley Cyrus a couple years ago.  But if Ariana wants to call them space buns, we guess they’re space buns too.

Check out the pictures of Ariana’s buns below.

Do you like Ariana’s “space-bun” look?

(Photo Credit: Ariana Grande’s Instagram account)

  • laura

    That’s not how you do space buns..

  • Molly

    Those aren’t space buns

  • Megan

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