Anyone Know What Lindsay Lohan Is Talking About?

Lindsay Lohan what are you talking aboutLindsay Lohan was scheduled to promote her new film “Inconceivable” at the Toronto International Film Festival, but instead canceled her appearance. Rather than seeing Lindsay show up at the film festival and talk about her latest project, fans got a strange black and white photo along with the following rambling caption. 

Lindsay Lohan Instagram RantWhile some feel that Lindsay might have been barred from entering Canada because of her criminal record, it certainly doesn’t explain her rant.

Do you think Lindsay may be spiraling out of control again?

(Photo credit: Lindsay Lohan Instagram account)

  • Alex

    That sounded so Monarch program (MK-Ultra) to me: the diamond, the “I’m programmed”, “money is worth more than freedom”, etc.

  • Baby Slash

    I want to explain but people will think I am cray.

    • JC

      please explain

    • Anon

      People will only think you are crazy if you say something along the lines of “Lindsay has been sober for well over a year now!” or “It’s actually Amy Winehouse writing that from the dead and I have proof.”

    • NJ


  • Godney

    no matter what lilo will always have a place in my heart

  • Juli

    I still love her!