Hailee Steinfeld Performs “Love Myself” At The Streamy Awards

Hailee Steinfeld Performs Love Myself at StreamysLast night at the 5th Annual Streamy Awards held at the Hollywood Palladium, Hailee Steinfeld performed her new single “Love Myself” for the first time live. She donned a camo-colored Dior jumpsuit and knee-high boots. Other performances at the awards show included OMI, Alessia Cara, Sir Mix-A-Lot, and Future.

“Love Myself” is currently No. 36 on Billboard’s Top 100 list.

View Hailee’s first live performance of the song below.

(Photo Credit: Streamy’s Twitter account and Youtube)Hailee Steinfeld Streamy Performance

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  • https://truth.com Cali


  • Lo la

    The verses are nice but then the chorus comes in and the song becomes SO annoying

  • laura

    My ears and eye are hurting wtf is this??? Like isn’t she embarrassed herself that she can’t sing? It just doesn’t make sense to me how ‘singers’ like Selena, Katy Perry or Taylor can go on stage and sing live when they sound atrocious. I admire their confidence though but damn stick to something you’re good at.

    • alsjf

      Thaaaaaaaaat was pretty freakin bad. Wow. It was her first live performance so it’s possible it was nerves however that’s probably not the case. I always ask myself the same thing about these artists. They have to know they don’t know how to sing on key or hit these huge notes they tend to put on the studio versions of their songs. I’m sure they’re right there as their voices are tweaked and auto tuned and smoothed out. Why would you perform live and embarrass yourself like this? If you know your ass can’t sing why are you trying to be a singer especially if you’re a great actress already?!

      • JC


      • laura

        I think it was way too bad to be just nerves, she didn’t hit a single note..
        I know!! I don’t even understand how they get signed a contract in the first place tbh. I seriously wonder if they think they did a great job after they had a concert. Because if I were them I’d be so fucking ashamed of myself jfc I’d beat myself up about it for days, I’m sure.
        She should really just stick to acting, it’s what she does best.

    • M

      Agreed, also did you listen to Selena singing Same Old Love live at her fan event ? I wasn’t expecting it to be this good!

      • laura

        Nah, I haven’t yet. The song is just so boring so I don’t really see the point in listening to the live version..

  • Rah

    Yikes. I almost feel bad for her.

  • Cici

    that was really bad. who is she?

    • https://truth.com Cali

      she’s a really good young actress that INSISTS on being a bad singer smh

  • Faith

    I made it through about half. She is really bad. That was embarrassing to watch. Shouldn’t someone be nice enough to tell her she can’t sing?

  • barbiescunt

    They should not have allowed her to wear that ugly bodysuit. And also, someone should have edited her song to a live version so she could actually yanno, sing it live without sounding like a hot mess.

  • Juli

    what the hell is she wearing?????????????????

  • Nick

    You’re so envious because she’s very beautiful. Look at your pics girls! You’re uglyyyyyyy! Look at her pics,she’s shining.So,shut up and shame on you for not having the courage to tell the truth.And btw,that bodysuit shows how sexy is she.