SPOILER ALERT: Guess Who Died In Last Night’s “Scream Queens” Series Premiere?

Ariana Grande Dies On Scream QueensRyan Murphy’s highly-promoted “Scream Queens” premiered on FOX last night and did not keep fans waiting long before killing off a major character. We knew from leaked footage that Ariana Grande’s character, Chanel #2, wouldn’t last until the season finale. However, few thought she’d be killed in the show’s premiere.

Fans quickly created GIFs of her death scene and Ariana even live-tweeted the event. She also hinted that she may be coming back.

Ariana Grande Scream Queens

The two-hour episode also showed the “death” of another one of its musical actors, Nick Jonas. His character, Boone, was found lying on a table covered in blood, wearing nothing but a pair of tighty-whities. However, it turned out to be staged, as Nick’s character was later seen sitting up, removing some cosmetic wounds and slipping away.

For those who were tuning in just to watch Ariana’s character get what she deserved, the ride might be over. But, we think there are plenty of other characters left to hate on…

What did you think of the “Scream Queens” premiere? Did you think it was campy and fun, or campy and awful?

(Photo Credit: Ariana Grande’s Twitter account)

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  • NYCJonas

    I’m glad that Boone isn’t dead. I would of highly pissed off if both of the celbs that I tuned in for died in the first episode. I could tell that Boone was a Red Devil after his smerk ofter he talked the Chanels in the coffee shop. Plus if he’s a red devil technically Boone can be in every episode while not requiring Nick to be always on set. I’m not sure about the guy that had the costume in his closet. It’s just a decoy.

  • anon

    1) I would watch the show if it wasn’t on at the same time as The Voice. Does anyone know where I can watch it online or if they will repeat the episode during weekend or something?

    2) OceanUP needs to make a Game of Thrones tag.

  • JoeJonasTroops

    Is this show scary? If so, I’m out. I don’t give a fuck if Nick is in it, I won’t watch horror.

    • laura

      Nah, it has a bit of a scary movie feel to it. Like something ‘scary’ happens but it’s almost immediately turned into a joke but I wouldn’t really call it horror.
      It’s far less scary than American Horror Story in my opinion and even that show was alright for me to watch and I’m a total cry baby so..

      • JoeJonasTroops

        Alright, I’ll watch it then lol.