Did Tyga Just Confirm He’s Engaged To Kylie Jenner?

Kylie Jenner engagedIn a Snapchat video posted by Kylie Jenner, Tyga is heard calling the reality star his “fiancée.” The engagement news – if that what this statement is – may not come as a complete shock to many; earlier this summer, rumors began circulating that the couple was already engaged. Then last month, Kylie spurred the rumors even further when, during an episode of “I Am Cait”, she let it slip that she was “married.”

The couple’s relationship has drawn criticism since the time it was first reported, given that the 25 year-old rapper was rumored to have started dating Kylie when she was only 17. Though the dating rumors were never officially confirmed when Kylie was still underage, both she and Tyga have made their relationship a lot more public after she became legal.

Watch the Snapchat video below and listen for yourself.

Do you think Tyga and Kylie are really engaged?

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  • https://truth.com Cali

    “An ephebophile and a racist

    match made

    for all the non believers: peep yall queens kylie & stas presenting they black ~bff~ with her *special* cake<a href="http://t.co/GJYNHr6sAW&quot;

    • BangBang

      They’re disgusting

    • anon

      But literally everyone uses that word. I would never say it but that don’t mean 90% of people in America don’t. Especially among groups of friends with black people in it.

      • Godney

        so because 90% of “america” says it…. its ok?

    • 123

      That’s not even the cake Kylie gave to her. Kylie’s cake was a different one. Kylie posted a snapchat of that cake but ANYONE could’ve bought her that, they’ve all got many black friends so one of them could have been the one who bought that cake. Kylie’s cake was a different one that she posted on Twitter. Stop.

    • miley

      i’m pretty sure kylie didn’t give her that cake. i don’t even like the girl but probably some of their other friends did (probs black) i’m not saying kylie doesn’t use that word, she probably does around her friends but she wouldn’t dare buy that cake and post it. besides, she posted another pic on twitter with the cake SHE gave her.

    • yeah

      That cake was a gift from Shamari, not Kylie.

  • laura
  • Caitlyn Jenner

    Actually he was around her since she was 15 and was still with Jayden. It is rumoured that they were messing together back then too. Speaking of Jayden he too is dating an older woman… A felon who has had sex on rooftops with random men. 21 or 22 I think and he is 15. Where is the outrage?

    • Caitlyn Jenner


    • Izzy

      You. Can’t. Be. Outraged. About. Somthing. You. Don’t. Know. About. I don’t know about anyone else but my well of Jayden Smith knowledge is california dry. Not everyone knows everything about everything. Yeah its gross and pitiful parenting just like any other disgusting adult that takes advantage of stupid kids who believe that just because a predator tells them they’re mature that they must be.

  • Y

    Interesting. So what exactly does she see in this guy? If he’s ugly af,
    he’s basically unemployed, and his friends and enemies are dangerous. I’m sure she could get someone better.

    • anon

      She’s a fake dumbass like everyone in that family, what does surprise you? Besides, who’d wanna date an 18 year old girl who already looks like a blow up doll like Kylie Jenner? Only a dumb, fake rapper.

      • Izzy

        She’s hot, rich, stupid, and gullible. The perfect target for any superficial man in need of trophy sex toy. I’m imagining she’ll be married at least 6 times.

    • blahblahblah

      A little off topic from your comment, but I hate men like the guy in this article. Name dropping someone by saying you slept with them is the TACKIEST thing someone can do for fame. Also, I do not understand men who enjoy being called daddy. It’s very molesty to me. Why does someone referring to you as their father turn you on?!

      But I 100% agree with you. It’s not like her fame couldn’t get her someone way better. I don’t listen to his music, but does he rap about having multiple women? I never understand how people can date people who sing about being a player. I would either be pissed that I’m being cheated on or pissed that they’re trying to embarrass me by saying they’re cheating on me!

      • Anonymous

        Lolita’s impact. You can blame it on Vladimir Nobokov’s amazing writing-style. Humbert Humbert’s description of the events made it seem romantic that he was oh so in love with a 12 year old. And Lolita made it seem cool to manipulate a pedophile.

    • Godney

      he treats her like a “grown up”

  • Godney

    kris better prenup that shit