Tyga And Kylie Jenner Are Now Proud Parents

Tyga with RollyIt looks like Tyga and Kylie Jenner have a new addition to their family. According to TMZ, Tyga had a puppy named Rolly delivered Thursday night, and Kylie quickly took to the pooch, who’s implied to have cost $50,000.

The pup was a gift from Jeremy Greene, the CEO of social media app PingTank.

Kylie tweeted that Rolly is Tyga’s, but judging by all of her pictures and videos, she has taken to the animal. Kylie also owns three miniature greyhounds, so it’s clear she likes dogs.

Kendall Jenner also seems to love the new dog, as she posted a video to her Instagram with the caption “I have a problem.”

Check out Kylie’s Snapchat videos of Rolly below.

(Photo credits: Tyga and Kylie Instagram accounts)

Kylie Snaps A Pic Of The New Puppy

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  • BangBang

    That’s a cute dog and that’s a disgusting relationship

  • Faith

    Well that title is easily the scariest thing I’ve seen this October.

  • GentileJewel

    That dog is way to cute to be with that Punk!

  • laura

    lol it matches their interior..

  • Godney

    poor puppy, so cute!

  • meaghan

    it’s so upsetting that someone would pay $50k for a dog (even if these morons are accepting it as a ‘gift’ – it’s all the same thing) when there are SO many dogs out there who need homes and are killed when they’re not adopted in time… RESCUE, DON’T BUY, it’s that simple!! if she was really an ‘animal lover’ she’d know that. this genuinely makes me mad.

  • BrokenArrow18

    poor baby

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