Kylie Jenner And Kendall Jenner May Or May Not Have Been Egged In Australia

Australia Not So Sunny Side Up For Kendall And KylieNumerous sources are claiming that Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner were victims of an attempted egging while on a trip to Australia. There is no proof of the attack, which is why Kylie says the assault didn’t happen.

Kylie Denies Egg ThrowingEven though the duo didn’t see the attack, The Sydney Morning Herald reports that an arrest has been made in the ordeal. Authorities claim that the 25 year-old woman is being charged with several counts of assault on a police officer as well as one count of “offensive behavior.”

There’s also some videos that reportedly show audience members pointing to something on a higher floor of the mall and security guards reacting.

Are you buying Kylie’s “pics or it didn’t happen” stance on the alleged incident?

(Photo credit: Daily Mail Celebrity and Kylie Jenner Twitter accounts)


  • MollyBD

    No, Kylie, but there might “have” been a vidoe.

  • Godney

    i dont think it happend, and if did happend they werent there, these girls are 24/7 followed by cameras… and none caught this moment? mmm