While Justin Bieber Bails On Commitments, Selena Gomez Enjoys Dinner Out With Niall Horan

Selena Gomez and Niall Horan have dinner-2Maybe the timing is purely coincidental. But just as Justin Bieber began canceling a number of high profile appearances for “personal reasons,” reports started circulating that Selena Gomez had been spotted having dinner with One Direction’s Niall Horan last night.

Several news outlets claim Niall joined Selena and some members of her family for a late night dinner at posh Malibu restaurant Nobu. A fan photo of the dinner is a little too grainy to confirm exactly what was going on at the table. But TMZ reports that the dinner was a “friendly” get-together spurred on by Selena’s bumping into Niall at Justin’s AMAs afterparty.

Only two days ago, Justin appeared to be doing all he could to win Selena back, serenading her openly in the bar at his Beverly Hills hotel. And for her part, Selena appeared pretty receptive to Justin’s efforts.

However, less than forty-eight hours later, Selena was spending time with someone she met at Justin’s party, and Justin was busy canceling public appearances and tweeting out comments like “sometimes life kicks our ass and we need to deal with it.”

The irony is that, to most casual observers, life seems to have been pretty good to Justin lately. Justin’s new album, “Purpose” is breaking all kinds of sales records. Justin has an unprecedented 17 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. And he’s just won an American Music Award.

Given the reported presence of Selena’s family members – and rumors that even Liam Payne might have at some point joined the gathering – we’re guessing that the “Good For You” singer’s meal with Niall was just a friendly get-together. But clearly something has derailed Justin this week …

See the fan-taken photo of Selena’s dinner below.

Do you think Selena’s dinner with Niall was just a friendly meal? Do you believe that Selena hanging out with Niall might be related to Justin’s bailing on his New York commitments?

(Photo credits: selenagomezbr Instagram account)

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  • Hell’s Bells

    Selena be like…


    But that other guy looks like he is from One Direction too? They should forge friendships and PR Relationships with the likes of Selena because they are about to be wiped from the Hollywood map just like other Boybands before them.

    • so

      Niall goes out with Selena and/or her friends everytime he is LA and Selena call him one of their best friends. Nothing new here.

    • so

      and this has been going on for 2 years. It is just like when Selena goes out with David Henrie, everytime people start rumors they’re dating.

  • gfdgdfgfg

    When is Selena going to grow up and stop cavorting with twinks from boy bands?

  • so

    I see her grandfather in this pic. Looks nothing romantic to me. Selena has gone out with Niall plenty of times.

  • lol

    You know this is not the original Ou when they don’t know this is not Selena’s parents but grandparents

  • grace

    I saw some candids of Justin and he looked fine riding around on a scooter. I’m guessing the lil boy just needed time to play

  • lol

    This is not a good photo of Selena. Niall would be good for Selena, he looks like a nice guy, but Selena is not into nice guys.

  • moa

    Justin is probably sad or angry because of Adele. Had her not released he would have the biggest debut of the year. And she is the lead runner for Album of the Year at Grammys too. He was not counting with her releasing now. He will get over it.

    • moonlight

      more like a comeback than a debut.. and he must be pissed. adele is kicking the charts

  • BrokenArrow18

    I see Liam

    • JC

      and Niall