Justin Bieber Makes A Joke About Past Reckless Driving Incidents

Justin Bieber makes light of reckless driving-1Justin Bieber posted a photo of himself sitting on a Lamborghini with the caption “I’m gonna drive safe don’t worry! Not again!! Trust me Danny.” During Justin’s darker times, he found himself in a few legal situations because of his reckless driving.

The singer had an issue in 2013 and another in 2014 while on an ATV date with Selena Gomez (which he reminded us all of last week). Justin also settled a DUI case in 2014 after being arrested in Miami earlier that year.

See Justin show off on the car below.

What do you think of Justin making a joke about a serious situation, even if it’s that it won’t happen again?

(Photo credits: Justin Bieber and justinbieber_fan__page Instagram accounts)

Justin Bieber makes light of reckless driving-3


  • laura

    Being rich must be nice.

    • Godney

      i wonder if he would be this dumb and jerk if he hadnt made it

  • Guest

    Demi used to make jokes about “keeping her food down” & her bipolar disorder. It’s just a coping mechanism/making light of a heavy situation. I do it a lot with mine as well lol

    • Godney

      was his DIY ever a “heavy situation” for him tho?

      • guest

        DIY? like Do-It-Yourself? lol maybe proofread?

        • Godney

          lmao… was i drunk when i wrote this? i think so… but i meant

          DUI sorry