Selena Gomez Attends “X Factor” UK Finale And Reportedly Leaves Afterparty With Niall Horan

Selena Gomez Spotted With Niall HoranSelena Gomez and Niall Horan were spotted together again, just a couple of days after Selena said that she was not dating the One Directioner. According to E! News, she attended the “X Factor” UK finale, where Niall and his bandmates performed. She actually shared an Instagram photo of herself and Louis Tomlinson’s sister, Lottie, who she says “did [her] up.”

Later, Niall and Selena were reportedly spotted leaving the show’s afterparty at The Edition Hotel together. Selena tried to keep her face hidden from the paps as she left on Sunday. Niall followed close behind her.

See photos below.

What do you think about Selena’s earlier denial now?

(Photo credits: FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES, Radio1Direction Twitter account)


  • javi g

    lol he really looks like a leprechaun or a garden gnome. also there is something wrong with her. she looks like she was crying or sick.

    • thecat61

      Or how about a little tipsy! lol

      • javi g

        ok it could be. i think you are right she looks a little tipsy.

        • thecat61

          Which there’s nothing wrong with that….as long as that person don’t drive….which these celebs don’t so they can party away and have fun.

          • javi g

            oh totaly. she should have fun. and going to as many parties that she can.

          • Danthetacoman

            Sarcasm so thick you need 2 knives to cut it.

          • javi g

            no i wasn’t been sarcastic at all. why do you think that? im honest she’s single should date and party as long as she’s healthy to do so.

          • Danthetacoman

            Lindsay Lohan is the reason why you shouldn’t party too much.

          • javi g

            lindsay is/was reckless.

          • lol

            and selena has lupus,

  • xxxChloejxxx

    ‘did her up’ sounds stupid.

  • dgddgdg

    This guy looks lame and basic. I bet if he were a warehouse worker rather than a popstar no girl would be interested in him.

    • dhdgd

      Selena also.

  • guest

    Wear 2 condoms Niall.Charlie Sheen Jr/Bieber left a few incurable STD’s in that cooch.

    • Lisa

      Um wearing 2 condoms inreases the risk of the condoms breaking so it’d be counterproductive. Didn’t they teach you sex ed at school??

      • Faith

        American sex ed isn’t legally obligated to be truthful or helpful. My sex ed class told us any sex regardless of protection gets you pregnant and any women that has sex with more than 1 man is guaranteed an std. We also got a whole day dedicated to the dangers of being gay and how it will cause long lasting emotional damage and shorten your lifespan. Condoms weren’t on the check list.

    • quest

      :D Maybe she’s still a virgin?

  • Izzy

    Oh you mean she denied it then strategically went to a party with paps right there to snap their picture? Wow its almost like she wants publicity or something. It almost feels like she’s denying so people play this guessing game and she can stay in the news. Selena wouldn’t do that though. She always relies on her immense talent to keep her relevant. Not cheap gimmicks to hide that she has all the talent of a soggy cracker and a personality to match.