Kesha Does A Private Show With Her Infectious New Band

Kesha And Her New Band Perform Private ShowDespite the legal issues Kesha is going through with her label, the singer is determined to perform. Kesha gave a secret and intimate show at The Springwater Lounge in Nashville. The 28 year old teamed up with the all-male band, The Yeast Infection, for the show. The group performed her hits “Timber” and “Blow,” along with a few covers.

View clips from the performance below.

(Photo credit: Kesha Instagram account)Kesha And Her New Band Perform Secret Show

  • Kurdt Kobain

    i love. love. love. looooove this. oh my god.

  • laura

    I didn’t know Kesha could actually sing??? I’m happy for her and I hope she wins that case.

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