The Huffington Post Compares Shay Mitchell To Kylie Jenner

Shay Mitchell and Kylie Jenner Twins-2Kylie Jenner has a new doppelgänger, at least according Huffington Post. They think it’s Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell. The article goes on to compare Shay’s “bronzed complexion” to that of Kylie’s, and even called the half-Filipina actress “a long lost Jenner sister.”The comparison did not go unnoticed, and has sparked an outcry from people who think the article was offensive to Shay. As one Twitter user put it, “Except Shay Mitchell has always looked like this. Can Kylie say the same?”

Take a look at Shay and Kylie below.

Do you think they bare a resemblance?

(Photo credits: Shay Mitchell Instagram account, voidemison and cakeftdaniel Twitter accounts)

Shay Mitchell and Kylie Jenner Twins-1

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  • layla_lee

    This article is really gross. Shay actually was born with her skin tone and features, while Kylie does everything she can to appear “exotic” and Shay is her doppelganger? Let’s not forget Shay is older too.

    People seem to forget that the Jenner sisters are completely Caucasian. The dying of the hair, the lips and the body are all bought to appear more “exotic looking”.

    • asflj

      Exactly! Which is extremely disgusting in and of itself. POC hate being fetishized/exotified/othered by society yet Kylie does everything in her power to alter herself to look like one of us to feel exotic and different. She’s an ignorant racist tool and this article is a joke. Now white people are even getting credit for our natural features? Go figure.

      • layla_lee

        Oh don’t forget that nothing is considered beautiful until some overexposed rich white girl comes along and claims it as hers and makes it a trend!

        Your features that were once considered “undesirable” by society are now desired. So everything you inherented and the features you were born with, is just you trying to copy Kylie!

  • Faith

    Wtf did I just read? Kylie has less original parts than my 1994 POS car, how the hell is she not the doppelganger? She’s spent a lot of money to look like someone else. Not to mention aside from skin color there’s not much of a resemblance. Put Kim there and then you’d have a comparison.

  • Godney

    what?! NO! Shay is wayyyy prettier!

  • Raquel

    OMG! Shay is a goddess, not a touched-up wannabe. Please don’t compare the two of them, cause it’s pointless.