Gigi Hadid Reveals The Advice Naomi Campbell Gave Her

Gigi Hadid runway lessons from Naomi CampbellGigi Hadid did an exclusive interview with LOVE Magazine during her cover shoot. In the piece, the supermodel confesses that she had runway lessons with Naomi Campbell. She also shares the advice Naomi gave before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

“She said, “Don’t apologise, don’t do it. You are perfect the way you are. Everyone said my walk was weird too,” Gigi says. Naomi had Gigi walk up and down the hallway of her hotel in Milan. “Italian families are coming out to watch and she’s like, “Don’t look at them, keep walking, they’re your audience.”

“Yeah. Maybe I am different, but I have heard Naomi saying, ‘Bitch better have my money after I walked for her.’ So it’s going to be fine,” she states. “If people don’t like how I walk then they don’t have to watch.”

Do you think Gigi needed lessons on walking?

(Photo credit: Elle magazine Twitter account)