Miley Cyrus Threatens To Take Her Party Out of the USA

Miley Cyrus Moving because of Trump-1Liam Hemsworth may have just moved in next door to Miley Cyrus, but it looks like she might be ready to leave town soon.

Last night Miley posted a shot of the leaderboard of the Super Tuesday’s polls showing Donald Trump clearly the Republican front runner.  The results made Miley sick to her stomach causing her to exclaim “gonna vom / move out da country. #aintapartyindausaanymo.”

This morning, the singer followed up with an emotional Instagram photo of herself crying next to a photo of Trump with a woman who killed a mountain lion. “Honestly fuck this shit I am moving if this is my president! I don’t say things I don’t mean!” Miley captioned the photo.

These posts comes a day after Miley called Donald “a fucking nightmare” on Instagram.  It looks like she’ll be casting her vote along with Halsey, for Bernie Sanders.

See Miley’s Instagram post below. Do you think she’d really leave if Trump became president?

(Photo credit: Miley Cyrus Instagram account)
Miley Cyrus Moving because of Trump-2

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  • Faith

    I get why she’s upset at Trump winning but someone has to win the republican nomination. They’re all evil. If you’re going to speak out you should against all of them and not just single out Trump while Cruz and Rubio are just as bad. They’re worse imo because they use their fairy tales and imaginary friend to prove their narcissistic beliefs are not just the only right beliefs but any deviation deserves persecution and to be outlawed. ALL lgbt rights are at stake if they win.

    • GentileJewel

      You have definite problems!

      • guest

        No,Faith is 100% correct

        • who are you kidding

          Faith needs a sedative.

  • aslfj

    Please leave regardless tbh

  • thecat61

    This country is doomed if Trump wins! I think I’ll join her in the move if that happens.

    • kiki

      Miley doesn’t have an original thought in her head. She goes the way the wind blows and that wind is Wayne Coyne. She was a big Hillary supporter, then Wayne supported Bernie and she went that way. She might get some respect if she posted her anti-Trump rants in an intelligent & articulate way. PS – Not Trump’s daughter in the photos. And no, I’m not a fan of his.

      • alsjf

        Yes, all of this is so accurate.

      • thecat61

        And……she can’t change her mind? She’s always changing her mind, so what. I’m a Hiliary supporter but who knows, I may change my mind also but then again I may not. Everybody does. So I suppose Braison doesn’t have an original thought in his head either since he supports Bernie also. PS – I really don’t care who you’re a fan of.

        • WEll

          Of course she can change her mind. All she does is change her mind/style/stance/everything else according to whoever she’s hanging out with. Key part being ACCORDING TO WHOEVER SHE IS HANGING OUT WITH. There’s a difference between evolving/growing as a person and just being a follower which is what Miley is. But you’ll probably just be like “You don’t know her!” as if you’re the authority on Miley because you’re a fan but you also do not know her personally. So yeah,there’s that.

          • thecat61

            Why do you even care at what she does? Does it bother you that much? It seem’s to me that YOU’RE the authority on Miley.

  • Guest

    I seriously think people leaving the country if Trump wins is gonna be a real thing. Canada better prepare themselves for that scenario just in case, lol.

  • j

    It’s nice to know she doesn’t actually support Trump but after all the racist and ignorant things he’s said and done to human beings it took him standing next to a woman who killed an animal for her to talk about how fucked up he is? Lmao white people

    • hah

      Preach it! You know white people like Miley are more worried about animals than minorities. Facts are facts.

      • j

        They seriously do. They’ll go vegan because eating anything made from animals is “slavery, unfair labor and murder” but not a word about black lives matter, gross deportation laws, ACTUAL slavery and horrible labor laws that treat the people who farm all their nasty vegan shit like the cattle they care so much about. So gross.

    • DoSomethin

      YES. I was going to post the SAME damn thing, i’m glad someone else said it. I’m so sick of this shit..

      No one cares until a precious animal is killed. Smfh reminds me of the huge outrage of Cecil the Lion but no one cared about bringing up police brutality buzz all year

      • j

        Exactly, I mean it was a sad situation and I was upset about it too but the fact that it’s normal to literally not give a fuck about human lives and only care about animal lives is so beyond messed up

    • Godney

    • Guest

      I know all are unhappy with Miley over her making decisions about Trump due to his association with animal cruelty, but don’t forget her other somewhat political activities. She was a leading voice in getting legislation passed in the state of New York to support homeless youth. She also established a foundation that takes a role in providing support and safe places for homeless and lgbt youth. Any color, race or sex is welcome. She has received national recognition for her efforts to provide support and help for these people in need. All of which experience contributes to her decision for the best candidate.

      • thecat61

        Apparrently this is not enough for the SJW’s.

        • j

          Not today racist satan, not today

          • thecat61

            LMAO!!!!! Racist bitch ^^^