Harry Styles Might Be Headed To The Big Screen

Harry Styles Arriving On A Flight At LAXHarry Styles may have caught the acting bug. Deadline is reporting that the One Direction singer has been offered a role in Christopher Nolan’s film “Dunkirk.” The film takes place during World War II and will also star Oscar-winner Mark Rylance and Tom Hardy.

Rumors of Harry possibly acting have been circulating since May when it was reported Mick Jagger wanted Harry to star in his HBO series “Vinyl.”

Would you rather Harry act or concentrate on his solo music?


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  • Nothing

    Untalented fuck.

  • laura

    lol is that how English people spell Dunkerque/Duinkerke?
    It looks so ugly.
    Honestly, I’m so done with Americans/Brits making movies about WWII. Y’all are always talking English with some stupid ass German or French accent (sometimes even Dutch which sounds even worse than the other two) as if people back then spoke like that. Either talk normal English or hire French/German/Belgian actors because jfc there’s nothing more ridiculous and annoying than those accents.
    Anyway, if you want to see some decent films about WWII (or WWI) it’s best to just watch those that are French, German, Italian, Belgian or Dutch.

    • Juli

      100% agree

  • nina

    well, he would be perfect for a drug user role, he already looks the part.

  • Juli

    i’m tired of harry styles, he’s so pretentious