Cara Delevingne Seems Really Retired

cara1“Former” model Cara Delevingne famously retired from modeling last summer, but has apparently decided to cut her retirement short. Though an ad was previously released for the campaign, a few more shots have been released for Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2016 eyewear campaign.

Take a look at photos and video for the campaign below

(Photo credit: Chanel, Harper’s Bazaar UK, and Imonation Twitter Accounts)


  • barbiescunt

    She’s becoming smart. The industry isn’t about what you WANT to do, it’s about where you fit. Modeling is her thing, effortlessly. Which is probably why she wants to challenge herself and be an actress, but no. Guess that didn’t work out for her lol. Glad to see her as the new face of Chanel eyewear though.

  • guest

    See why it’s better to just not talk shit about what made you? Your might have to go back to it & then you’ll end up looking like the biggest jackass lol