Matt Healy Isn’t A “Idiot Misogynist,” His Quotes Were “Totally Taken Out Of Context”

Matt Healy Responds To Misogynistic Quote-1The 1975’s Matt Healy has responded to claims that he is a misogynist after a Q Magazine released its interview earlier this week featuring the singer saying he never dated Taylor Swift. Matt has spoken out against those claims via Twitter saying that his words were “totally taken out of context.”

He went on to explain that again the two never dated, but the speculation of the romance gave him a fear of being “someone’s boyfriend before even being recognized for my music or presence as a person in my own right.”

Matt goes on to put blame, not on the writer of the article, but the publication that decided to misquote him “knowing many others would follow.” With one final message, he adds “Go fuck yourself.”

Read Matt’s full post below.

Did you find Matt’s quote sexist or did you think he was misquoted?

(Photo credits: Matt Healy and paintingchelsa Twitter accounts)

Matt Healy Responds To Misogynistic Quote-2


  • Faith

    Of course it was. Like we all didn’t know that was coming.

  • laura

    Honestly, it wasn’t even that sexist.. I don’t get what all the fuss is about. Of course it sucks when people reference to you as someone’s boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, whatever instead of your name and the things you’ve done.

  • Lulu

    When I first heard of the article, and what Matty said, I assumed he said the most horrendous things of Taylor, and at first glance at the article I was taken aback. After reading what he said, and actually tried to grasp what he was saying, it doesn’t make sense to me how anyone found it sexist. Every woman out there dreads being called someone’s boyfriend, so why shouldn’t Matty dread being called Taylor’s boyfriend? That’s not his title or his label, and there’s more to him than being someone’s significant other. That’s not to demean being someone’s partner, but surely everyone has other stuff going for them. It’s this double-standard mentality that’s going to prevent true feminism from prevailing.