Iggy Azalea Had A “Turbulent 2015,” But Demi Lovato Helped Her Through

Demi and IggyIggy Azalea had “a bit of a turbulent 2015,” and Demi Lovato has helped her through it. On the iHeartRadio Music Awards red carpet, Iggy revealed the extent of her friendship with Demi and what their afterparty plans would be.

Demi wrote down a question meant for Iggy’s interview, and she invited the “Team” singer to Menchie’s for frozen yogurt after the show. “Demi is awesome,” Iggy begins. “It’s so cool we live so close to each other because I can just roll down to her house and knock on her door and harass her and eat her food in her kitchen when I don’t have any groceries.”

Demi also introduced Iggy’s first solo award show performance. After the ceremony, the two stuck with their original plan and went to Menchie’s.

Check out Iggy’s interview, performance and afterparty celebration below.

What do you think of the friendship between Iggy and Demi?

(Photo credit: lovaticsofdemildd Instagram account)

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  • hmm

    I don’t know if she changed the contouring but Demi’s nose is looking different these days

  • barbiescunt

    Are you being paid it Iggy to aid in making her relevant again? Idk why anyone would want updates on this Australian trash can, but whatever

    • Godney

      when you say “you” you mean OU? or Demi?… because none will make her relevant lol

      • barbiescunt


  • Godney

    i like iggy’s top