It’s Take Two For Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too” Music Video

Meghan Trainor re releases Me Too-2Despite all of the drama surrounding the visual for “Me Too,” Meghan Trainor has re-posted the revised video after premiering it first in Times Square. The video was released yesterday morning, but Meghan quickly pulled it because of unauthorized Photoshopping.The singer sat down with Howard Stern this morning where she discussed the reasoning behind taking the video down.

“I’m the poster child for no Photoshop,” Meghan says. She then adds, “I was skinnier than those dancers who were also very skinny. So when you do that everyone knows that ain’t real.”

Though the heavy editing didn’t seem like body-shaming, Meghan says that if she knew she was going to be Photoshopped, she wouldn’t have worn all of her Spanx. “For them to have cut off another half, why would I wear all that torture,” she says.

Late yesterday, Meghan was joined by a group of fans as they watched the video on a Jumbotron. “This was magical. I’ll never forget it. Thank you to all the fans that came out,” Meghan captioned her Instagram photo of fans.

See a comparison of the two versions, her full video, and a clip of her Times Square premiere below.

(Photo credit: Meghan Trainor Instagram account) Meghan Trainor re releases Me Too-1


  • George

    Not gonna lie, but the majority of this looks like a music video produced by the same people with ARK Music Factory….not a fan of the song, but the music video doesn’t do it any favors…

  • Godney

    Ugh so tired of her doing these stunts for keeping her image of “omg y’all i am totally into big body acceptance”