Justin Bieber Is Reportedly Ready To “Settle Down”

Justin Bieber Nicola Peltz dating rumors settle down impossibleLast week, Justin Bieber was spotted out on the town with Nicola Peltz, the actress from “The Last Airbender,” “Bates Motel” and Zayn Malik’s “It’s You” music video. At the time, sources told E! News that the pair wasn’t a couple, but Justin was a perfect gentleman and he thinks Nicola is “pretty.” On Tuesday, another source told E! News that Justin has asked Nicola out again.

“He wants to settle down and have a relationship,” the source said of Justin’s current outlook on relationships. “He feels like something steady would be good for him.”

But even the single date between Justin and Nicola set off a massive social media firestorm as Justin’s fans went after Nicola on social media. From pleas for a reunion between Justin and Selena Gomez to downright nastiness, Beliebers seem dead set on ending this relationship before it starts.

Despite recently purchasing a new home, this news comes as Justin has been showing some resentment for his fame and his fanbase. Could Justin be feeling that his professional success is holding him back from personal goals?

It’s hard to say how much an unnamed source for E! News really knows about Justin’s mental state, but maybe a little stability would be good for him.

Do you think Justin could make it work with Nicola or is his life too big of a mess?

(Photo credit: Shady Music Facts Twitter account)


  • Deena

    So now we know why Hailey Baldwin is hanging out at the clubs with Drake. Poor Hailey. Never learns.