#727TankedBecause: Have Harmonizers Turned Against Fifth Harmony?

#727TankedBecauseLast week, Fifth Harmony released its hotly-anticipated album “7/27,” after pushing the release date back week. The group did a few performances stateside and then traveled abroad to promote the album and breakout single “Work From Home” in the UK.

At some point between the album’s release and now, many fans have turned sour. Earlier today, #727TankedBecause began trending on Twitter, likely following news that the first week sales are not as stellar as many would hope. While some fans through more promotion was necessary, others completely ripped the album to shreds.

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Check out more fan responses below.

Do you think “7/27″ tanked?

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  • Izzy

    Guess briefly being #1 on iTunes doesn’t mean anyone bought it. Is anyone actually surprised it tanked? They’re a mess and though the singles are catchy they’re not anything you’d pay for. 60,000 is about where I had it.

    • Godney

      actually yea… her album before this one sold more and they didnt even had a decent hit.
      And you are like suppost to go higher (unless you have such a record breaking selling album.. e.g. MJ with Thriller or Britney with Oops )
      This album has a hit (i mean… a “decent” hit…you know talking about charts not even the song is good)
      but the album is just not that good, is not cohesive and it totally needed more work.
      (also Camila sound annoying, Normani sounds like she cant sing and the tall girl sounds weird)

  • disqus_teUpgObUZF

    Since when is being #4 in album sales bad.. lmao

  • Faith

    It didn’t tank because #4 for a C list group isn’t that bad. People act like they’re some big important group and they’re not. They suck. They sold what C list niche singers sell.

  • Raquel

    I don’t think the numbers are that bad. They are facing some tough competition. Besides, I think they’re more of a smash song kind of group.