Demi Lovato Wants Nick Jonas To Keep His Pants On

Demi Lovato Wants Nick Jonas To Keep His Shirt OnDemi Lovato and Nick Jonas snuck their way into a short spread in this week’s issue of People Magazine. A few previews were released this week, and now the full interview is out. The musicians chat about their friendship and what they think of each other’s steamy photo shoots. It also appears as though Demi wants to find herself a one-way ticket to 8-Mile Rd.

They recalled the first time they met each other when Demi was 14 and she was doing a screen test for Disney Channel show “Jonas.” Demi mentioned how she didn’t land the part, but that she “ended up booking ‘Camp Rock,’ and that’s when we became close.” Nick went on to add, “I could tell right away that she was gonna be a big star—and that we were gonna be great friends.”

Along with chatting about their transition from Disney to full-blown Hollywood, the two were asked to reveal one piece of advice that they could have used when they were younger.

“You’re beautiful just the way you are. You don’t need to change for anybody,” Demi says.

“I would have told myself to chill out. It’s been a crazy ride, but I’m at a place where I’m able to enjoy it,” Nick chimes in.

When the interviewer tried to talk about their recent “steamy photo shoots,” Demi fired back right away.

“Whenever Nick does a shoot in his underwear, I’m like, ‘Put some pants on,'” she says.

Stripping down in photo shoots isn’t all that Nick has done lately. His new album came from a vulnerable place after breaking up with Olivia Culpo in 2015. He talked about the time they spent in Mammoth, California and how he wrote the bulk of his album there.

“It felt like I wanted to destroy the house to find a way to be okay,” he says. “Thankfully I didn’t—I don’t think homeowners’ insurance would have covered it. So I wrote the song ‘Chainsaw’ instead.”

When it comes to Nick’s current dating choices, he definitely takes Demi’s opinion into consideration. The singer was asked if he feels like he needs to get Demi’s approval, and he said, “For sure—Demi doesn’t hold back her opinion, which I love! But I don’t know if I would have to ask; I can tell if she’s into it or not.”

Although the two mention how much they’ve enjoyed being able to work on some “really great stuff together,” they do have their own dream collaborations. While Nick wants to work with Kanye West, Demi revealed that a certain rapper from Detroit caught her eye.

“Eminem. He gets really honest in his lyrics, and so do I: We could channel our recoveries and shit we’ve been through into an honest song,” she says.

To read more, pick up an issue on stands now.

(Photo credit: DemiFantasia Twitter account)

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  • OnTheDL

    “shit we’ve been through”
    Shut up Demi.

  • Courtney

    Why does Demi care so much about what Nick does? It’s his life so sit down bitch. She’s just jealous cause the jonas brothers are more famous than her she’s using nick for fake how sad. Demi is a fat lying hoe she always will be.


  • Raquel

    Why would you wanna collaborate with Kanye, Nick? There are plenty of talented artists out there who aren’t complete assholes.