Zayn Malik Won’t Be Running Into Perrie Edwards After All

Zayn Malik cancels STB performance-3In a surprising turn of events, Zayn Malik has cancelled his performance at this year’s Capital FM’s Summertime Ball. The singer claims anxiety as the reason why he won’t make it to the stage.

“With the magnitude of the event, I have suffered the worst anxiety of my career,” Zayn wrote in a message posted to his social media accounts.

This would have been Zayn’s first solo UK performance.

Read Zayn’s full statement below.

Do you believe anxiety was the only reason to Zayn’s cancellation?

(Photo credits: Zayn Instagram account; ZiGiFacts Twitter account)
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  • Guest

    I have struggled with anxiety for most of my life and definitely understand what a monster it is.

    • Godney

      same with me, one time i just couldnt leave my room.

      • orhg

        I struggle with it every day and let me tell you that i wouldn’t wish this to my worst enemy

        • Godney

          i know! i was in my worst moment when i was working, it was horrible.
          Now i try to deal with it the best i can but i still dont want to be medicated like i was a few years back

          • Orhg

            I wish I was medicated lol this shit ruins my social life

  • G

    I get the anxiety thing, I have it too but he’s a solo artist now, he can’t expect to have a strong career if he avoids events that are supposed to keep him relevant.

    • Godney

      so his career should be more important than his health?

      • Guest

        No smart ass. What I’m saying is if he can’t handle it, he shouldn’t do it. So far, he’s been shit at being solo anyway.

        • Godney

          you clearly dont know how anxiety works yet you make comments about it… how sad