Katy Perry Dethrones Justin Bieber And Taylor Swift

Katy Perry Dethrones Justin Bieber And Taylor Swift 3Katy Perry just one-upped her pop star contemporaries Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift by hitting a major social media milestone. Katy has managed to rack up more than 90 million Twitter followers—the most thus far on the networking site. Translation: Katy is now the most-followed person on the planet.

This may be another nail in the coffin for Katy and Taylor’s estranged relationship, but Justin may soon tie or surpass Katy’s latest figure.

Check out Twitter’s announcement of Katy’s feat and Katy’s response below.

(Photo credits: Katy Perry and Twitter Twitter accounts)

Katy Perry Dethrones Justin Bieber And Taylor Swift


Katy Perry Dethrones Justin Bieber And Taylor Swift 2

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  • Kristianak

    lmfao Really?!?!


    • Lisa

      You can easily buy followers. Lots of celebrities do it. And it’s obvious that Katy does it the most since she’s been way more irrelevant than Bieber and Taylor in the past couple of years.

  • G

    Too bad that’s not her sales. Guess she figures if she buys followers, it’ll make her look bigger than she actually is

  • liz

    What a sad generation..thinking the amount of followers one has is equal to their amount of talent.

  • mina17

    i love that when Selena was crowned the queen of instagram, she said: “i’m fully aware being most followed isn’t important. it’s how you use your platform. not how big it is”

    • DoSomethin

      I still don’t understand how Selena has so many followers. The heffer can’t even sell half a million albums and she hasn’t starred in any big movie/tv show in years. I know she’s had hit singles but not nearly as big as Taylor Swift who was all over the charts for the past 2 years, so how in the world did Selena manage to pass Taylor, JB, Kim K, Ariana, & Bey? It makes no sense to me.

      • mina17

        I don’t have an instagram account so i really don’t know what makes Selena’s instagram more apealing to people than other celebs.
        but i’d rather see her having the most followers than ariana or kim k or even Taylor who only posts about her squad.
        i mean she uses her platform to inspire her fans such as what happened when she was fatshamed and she responded with an amazing pic about self acceptance and self love, or when the time some girl wished her cancer and she responded with such grace, as well as the time when she asked her fans to pray for gaza in 2014 or because she cares about her fans safety…
        i’m not really a big fan of hers but such gestures deserve praise and respect.
        PS: english isn’t my native language so sorry for any grammar mistakes!!!

  • thecat61

    Big deal…means nothing.