Justin Bieber Spends Fourth Of July On A Yacht…With Nicola Peltz

Justin Bieber Spends Fourth Of July With Nicola PeltzJustin Bieber was photographed spending his Fourth of July on a yacht in Miami with actress Nicola Peltz. They were rumored to be romantically involved a few months back, which caused Beliebers to flip out and go so far as to harass Nicola on social media. Reports of Justin wanting to “settle down” furthered the rumor, but there has been little to update until now.

Justin Bieber's Fourth Of JulyAt the time of the initial reports, Nicola appeared to still be in a relationship with Cameron Fuller. Her Instagram account is now purged of any evidence of their involvement and she has not mentioned him in quite some time.

A rumor remains a rumor until it can be confirmed, but we do know that Justin enjoyed his Independence Day.

Check out the photos of Justin and Nicola’s seaworthy holiday below.

(Photo credits: MiamiPIXX/VEM/INFPhoto.com/FAMEFLYNET, Justin Bieber Twitter account)


  • yo

    you guys should fact check…that’s Ashley benson

  • guest

    The back & forth Benzo has between Ryan Good & Tyler Blackburn is astonishing. How does she keep them on those leashes for so many years? lol

  • anonomous

    Nicola has a boyfriend so don’t even try making them a “thing”. boys and girls can be FRIENDS so knock it off already, not everyone is dating everyone!!!!

  • Deena

    I know that Daily Mail was running pics of JB with Nicola Peltz recently, but I think OU needs to check these photos closer. Looks like Ashley Benson to me too.

  • message from A

    That’s Ashley Benson bitch – A