Marilyn Manson Already Knew About Justin Beiber’s “Bigger Than Satan” Shirt

justin bieber marilyn manson bigger than satan t shirt barney's new york purpose tourAs part of his exclusive line of “Purpose World Tour” merchandise, Justin included a tank top that is just a Marilyn Manson shirt with the phrase “Bigger Than Satan” and the name “Bieber” on the back. Justin’s new shirt retails for almost $200, despite including the same print available on a Marilyn shirt at Hot Topic for $17. Marilyn took notice with a tweet on Wednesday.

Marilyn’s tweet, which is a screenshot of an article originally published by Consequence of Sound, doesn’t include any comment on Justin’s new shirt. The article he shared is scathing, but he didn’t take the chance to respond to the news.

That might be because Marilyn’s been aware of the shirt for months. When he saw a photo of Justin wearing it on Instagram in April, he responded with a selfie wearing a “Purpose” t-shirt. He captioned that post “Bigger Than Bieber.” The next day, Justin and Marilyn posed for a photo together on Justin’s Instagram.

As people freak out about Justin’s new shirt, are both of these stars having a laugh at everyone else’s expense?

Check out Justin’s shirt, Marilyn’s tweet and old Instagram posts below.

(Photo credits: Marilyn Manson twitter account; Marilyn Manson and Justin Bieber Instagram accounts;

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justin bieber marilyn manson out in la instagram post caption