Beyoncé Is Trying Her Hardest To Get “Lemonade” Lawsuit Tossed

Beyonce Is Trying Her Hardest To Get Lemonade Lawsuit TossedIf Beyoncé has anything to say about it, the lawsuit against her visual album “Lemonade” is about to be tossed out. Shortly after the singer released the groundbreaking anthology, short film director Matthew Fulks filed a lawsuit citing copyright infringement. Fans noted many similarities between Matthew’s short film “Palinoia” and Beyoncé’s “Lemonade,” but most doubted that the singer knowingly plagiarized his work.

Matthew maintains that his work features a “parking garage scene, graffiti and persons with heads down,” a lone protagonist overcoming a breakup and various other similarities. Beyoncé has since filed for the lawsuit to be dismissed on grounds that the similarities between the visuals are too broad.

A hearing has been scheduled for August 25 to determine if the suit should be officially thrown out of court.

Check out Matthew’s short film below.

Do you think Matthew’s case stands a chance?

(Photo credit: Beyoncé Instagram account)