Charlie Puth Unveils Visual For “We Don’t Talk Anymore” Without Selena Gomez

charlie puth we don't talk anymore new music video selena gomez or notMonday morning, Charlie Puth announced that the video for “We Don’t Talk Anymore” would premiere on Tuesday. The visual, which debuted on Buzzfeed, has arrived but Selena Gomez is nowhere to be found. What makes it even more noticeable is the fact that her verse goes untouched in the split-screen video.

Check out the new video below.

What do you think of the video for “We Don’t Talk Anymore?”

(Photo credit: Charlie Puth Instagram account)


  • x

    I mean, it’s his single and Selena is kind of busy atm so… makes sense

  • her fault

    His team did wait for her having a time off tour and took a long time to release the video with the purpose of having her on it but she didn’t bothered to take a day to film the video and that’s the reason that she got replaced by justin bieber on that DJ track