Alessia Cara Leaves A Powerful Mark On “The Ellen Degeneres Show”

Alessia Cara Leaves A Powerful Mark On The Ellen Degeneres ShowAlessia Cara appeared on Thursday’s episode of “The Ellen Degeneres Show.” The 20-year-old singer performed her powerful self-love anthem “Scars To Your Beautiful.” Alessia sat down with Ellen after her performance to chat about the importance of the song, eventually blowing the show’s host away with her wisdom.

“It’s extremely hard to be a woman,” Alessia says. “It’s like if we don’t fit that mold or that standard, then we don’t have a right to feel beautiful.” She goes on to explain that this song, which was created for women, doesn’t just apply to women. “It reminds everybody—every human being, period—not only women, but everyone, that you don’t need to change for anybody else,” she says.

Check out Alessia’s performance and brief interview below.

(Photo credit: The Ellen Show Instagram account)