Is There A Vogue Cover Kendall Jenner Hasn’t Landed?

Kendall Jenner on Vogue spain-2Kendall Jenner’s magazine cover domination just won’t stop. Whatever kind of deal the supermodel made has landed her an October cover for Vogue in four different countries.

The model revealed her latest cover for Vogue Spain just days after posting her German Vogue cover. Now with Vogue Spain, Kendall has been pictured on the cover of nine issues of Vogue Magazine.

See Kendall’s new Vogue cover below?

(Photo credit: Kendall Jenner Instagram account)

Kendall Jenner on Vogue spain-1


  • KJ

    She was on the US cover last month and Spain, Germany, Australia, Japan all this month. 5/9 of her covers were just within these two months. Seriously, I dont get the obsession.