The PR Payoff Continues As Tom Hiddleston Is Asked About Taylor Swift At The Emmys

tom hiddleston taylor swift pr pay off continuesDid anyone ever really believe in Hiddleswift? Even from the first time Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift were pictured together, some thought Taylor called the paparazzi who took the photos. Their romance turned out to be a bigger flop than most of 2016’s summer movies, but they tried to keep things real (and failed) for weeks.

But, as Calvin Harris learned, breaking up with Taylor doesn’t mean it’s the end of the headlines. In the latest example of Taylor’s coverage breakup bump, Tom Hiddleston is making news just for saying that he and Taylor are friends.

“Yes. Yes we are,” Tom told People when they asked if he and Taylor were still on good terms at the Emmys on Sunday night. According to the report, he even smiled as he said it.

Do you believe Tom?

(Photo credits: Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift Instagram accounts)


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