Kendall Jenner And Vogue Spain Have Upset The Dance Community

Kendall Jenner is no ballerina-4Kendall Jenner’s video feature for her Vogue Spain cover is receiving negative criticism and it has nothing to do with cultural appropriation. The anger over Kendall’s ballerina video comes from the dance community, many of whom feel that Vogue should’ve used actual ballet performers instead of having Kendall hop around in a tutu.

“But to our eyes, the whole thing reads as pretty disrespectful to the artists who devote their lives to this demanding craft,” explains a writer for Dance Spirit magazine. The article goes on to remind readers that Vogue has featured ballerinas before and all the publication had to do was “put Jenner—who is a truly gifted model—in some gorgeous ballet-inspired fashion, and then surround her with top-level dancers.”

The backlash from Kendall’s shoot seemed to have calmed down a bit, but was ignited once again after the model posted a few Vogue photos dressed like a ballerina.
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Check out Kendall’s ballet-inspired photos and the video in question below.

Do you think Vogue is at fault for not using dancers for the editorial?

(Photo credit: Kendall Jenner Instagram account)