Lea Michele Sorts Through All The Celeb Romance Drama, Chooses Between Taylor Swift’s Exes

Lea Michele Sorts Through All The Celeb Romance Drama, Picks Between Taylor Swift's ExesLea Michele appeared on Monday’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and Ellen desperately tried to shake up her love life after discussing her naked cover shoot for Women’s Health UK. “I was just standing next to this guy I’d never met before, stark naked, and I was like this is the most exciting my life has been in a little while,” Lea tells Ellen.

The actress’ words led to a round of “Who’d You Rather,” which asked her to pick between two different celebrity men to date. “Do I get like a phone number at the end of this or something?” Lea jokes.

Things got interesting right off the bat as Lea revealed that Taylor Lautner gave her a “lap dance the other day and it was great.” From there, the actress made decisions based on celebrity love life rumors. “I’m gonna stick with Prince Harry because I can’t compete with Kendall Jenner,” she say after turning down Harry Styles.

Lea goes on to stick with Michael B. Jordan for a while. She turns down Tom Hiddleston because “he’s got too much going on” and Justin Bieber because she “just couldn’t keep up with Bieber.” While she won’t budge on one of Taylor Swift’s dramatic love affairs, Lea opts for Calvin Harris. “I feel like he’s been through a lot lately,” she says.

The lucky winner of the game is Zac Efron, but Lea can’t seem to let go of Michael. “If Michael B. Jordan still wants to call me, he totally can,” she tells Ellen.

Watch Lea’s appearance on Ellen below and tell us your thoughts.

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