29 Shirtless Images Of Zac Efron For Every Year He’s Been Alive

zac efron shirtless 29th birthday featureIt’s Zac Efron’s birthday! The actor turned 29 on Tuesday. It feels like just yesterday he was making fans swoon in “High School Musical.” But Zac has grown up, going from a dreamy teen to a hunky man. To celebrate the things he’s accomplished in his career so far, we took a look at some of Zac’s best work: namely, his bod. In honor of his special day, we’ve gathered some of our favorite gifs and pics of Zac without a shirt on–and in a few pics, even less.

So, just lie back and relax.

zac efron shirtless 29th birthday 2And stop getting distracted by your phone.

zac efron shirtless 29th birthday 14And pay attention because it’s time to pop those tops and celebrate Zac’s special day.

zac efron shirtless 29th birthday 6Just be careful–there’s some hard edges ahead.

(Photo creditz: GoodGirlWhosHopeful and Zac Efron Shirtless Tumblr accounts; Zac Efron Instagram account)

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