Kendall Jenner Admits Battle With Scary Health Condition

Kendall Jenner Reveals Scary Health ConcernOn next week’s episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” Kendall Jenner will be talking about a scary health condition she’s been experiencing. “I wake up in the middle of the night and I can’t move,” the model says in the episode’s trailer.

Although what she explains sounds a lot like Sleep Paralysis, Kris Jenner believes something else is going on. “I think you’ve just got anxiety,” she tells her daughter. Kendall seems to take this as dismissing her ailment. “Everyone says I’m fine, but I don’t feel fine,” she says.

Last year, Kendall revealed that she was hospitalized due to exhaustion. “I just got so tired from work and life and everything that it freaked me out at the end of this year,” she said. “I actually had to go to the hospital because I was so exhausted—it was definitely a wake up call that I need to take better care of myself.” Both lack of sleep and stress are known causes of Sleep Paralysis, but it seems like only next week’s episode will reveal what’s truly going on with Kendall.

Check out the clip below and tune in to the show Sunday night at 9/8 CT on E!.

(Photo credit: UpdateJenner Twitter account)