Is Kylie Jenner The Lead Singer Of Terror Jr?

Kylie Jenner Confirmed As A Performer With Terror Jr...For One Song FeatureSpeculation that Kylie Jenner is leading a double life as a pop star has reached a fever pitch. What started as a fan theory has been partially confirmed by Kylie’s appearance in a musical database. ASCAP lists Kylie as a performer on Terror Jr’s song “3 Strikes,” which appeared in Kylie’s “Glosses By Kylie” ad from earlier this year.

The news has fans freaking out as it appears to confirm that Kylie is Lisa Terror, the faceless lead singer of the group who is seen only from behind in the band’s photos. Fans have jumped on Lisa’s pink wig as a sign that she is Kylie. Similar theories–like the Jr in the band’s name standing for Jenner–have only been bolstered by the fact that Kylie is the only account the band follows on both Twitter and Instagram.

While the band has been very coy about answering the rumors, the ASCAP registration may not be the confirmation some think it is. It only lists Kylie for one song, and there’s no indication on whether it’s as the lead or just a feature.

But the biggest monkey wrench in the theory is Lisa Vitale–an L.A. singer who is listed as a writer on the song alongside the producers confirmed to be a part of the group. That could mean she’s included in the group as a performer and Kylie was involved in some other capacity. Given the intense production and autotune on the track, it’s hard to tell which parts belong to Kylie or Lisa.

While some are ready to jump to conclusion about Kylie’s involvement with the band, more information is needed to confirm that Lisa Terror is the Hannah to Kylie’s Miley.

Terror Jr’s album “Bop City” dropped at the end of October. Listen to it below and decide if it’s Kylie for yourself. Plus, check out a pic of the ASCAP registration that lists Kylie, which you can also find here.

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Kylie Jenner Confirmed As A Performer With Terror Jr...For One Song ASCAP receipt